Are Seamless Gutters Really That Important?

When it comes to your home’s gutter system, there is really only one question: seamless or traditional? For decades, traditional gutters, which are also called “seamed” or “sectional” gutters were pretty much the norm for homes across the country. It’s likely that you have seamed gutters on your home right now. When you step outside to take a look at your gutters, notice how they are constructed of small sections of gutter which are joined and fastened at — you guessed it — seams. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are fabricated using a specialized piece of equipment, a seamless gutter machine, which is usually used by a seamless gutter contractor on-site during installation. These machines are able to produce long sections of uninterrupted gutter material, which are fastened to your home as a single piece. The only parts of these gutter systems that have joints or seams of any kind are at the corners.

The reason that traditional sectional gutters are so prevalent in homes is two-fold: it’s less expensive and it’s easier to install. It’s not that uncommon for sectional gutters to be installed by homeowners themselves as a DIY project. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, require an experienced contractor and the use of the previously mentioned fabrication machine. While seamless gutters may be more expensive initially, at Front Range Seamless Gutters, we believe that their intrinsic value and benefits to your home’s value far outweigh their upfront costs. 

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters in Colorado

If you’re considering seamless gutters for your home but aren’t sure if the benefits justify the costs, we’ve put together these reasons why making the switch can be the right call.

Seamless Gutters Provide a Perfectly Tailored Fit

While traditional gutters are created from pre-cut sections of gutter material, seamless gutter systems are fabricated on-site to fit the exact measurements of your home. This means that every seamless gutter system is custom-fashioned to the home in question. This level of precision means that your professional seamless gutter system will be the perfect fit every single time. A gutter system that is installed with such exact measurements functions better than a system based on prefabricated options, providing a level of performance that is impossible for traditional systems. 

Seamless Gutters Require Far Less Maintenance 

Traditional wisdom states that “fewer moving parts means fewer broken pieces,” and we believe this holds true for seamless gutters. Because seamless systems, by nature, have fewer joints to worry about, they won’t accumulate nearly as much debris as a traditional system is likely to. Fewer nooks and crannies also mean that there aren’t as many places for wildlife to set up shop. At the end of the day, this means you will be spending much less time cleaning and maintaining a seamless gutters system than you would a traditional system. 

Experience Fewer Clogs and Backups in Your Gutter System

The biggest flaw of a sectioned gutter system is the tendency for clogs to develop at the point of joints and seams. These joints in traditional systems are magnets for debris build-up, including leaves, sticks, twigs, and all of the other gunk that can accumulate in your gutters. If you have a large gutters system, the sheer number of joints and seams in a traditional system is likely to develop numerous blockages, overflowing the gutters and thereby making it difficult for the system to properly direct water away from your home.

Greatly Reduce the Likelihood of Gutter Leaks

The more seams and joints a gutter system has, the more susceptible the system is to develop leaks at those points. It’s the unfortunate reality of joints — over time, joints can widen and separate from each other, holes can develop, and rust can begin to take hold. If you take away joints and seams as a factor in your gutter system, you greatly reduce the likelihood of a serious leak developing and causing water damage to your eaves, your siding, and your foundation. 

Seamless Gutters Provide Superior Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

So far we’ve talked almost entirely about the performance aspect of seamless gutters, which alone should be enough to convince most homeowners of their value, but there’s one more thing — seamless gutters are attractive. Seamless gutters look clean and sleek on a home, and prospective homebuyers will notice them, adding to your home’s curb appeal. Seamless gutters unquestionably add lasting beauty and appeal to the exterior of any home. Usually, seamless gutters are fashioned from aluminum, but there are other material options as well to add to your home’s customized look, like copper and steel. Seamless gutters are also easy to paint so that they can easily match your home’s color. 

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Colorado residents know that they need a gutter system that can stand up to our state’s unpredictable weather and still look fantastic. If you agree that the reasons we presented in this article are sufficient for making the switch to seamless, contact us today! You can get a quote in no time, and we serve homes all along the Front Range, from the Denver metro area up to Cheyenne, and everywhere in-between. You can also view our gallery of seamless gutters which we’ve installed across the region on both residential and commercial properties. Call Front Range Seamless Gutters today and experience the difference that seamless gutters can make!