Gutters help to protect your home from water damage. Even though they are essential, most homeowners do not maintain and clean their house gutters effectively. When not maintained, blockages and cracks in your gutter system can lead to water damaging the exterior walls of your home, the foundation, and your landscapes. Follow these easy tips for effective gutter maintenance.

man cleaning gutter

Clean Regularly

Over time, gutters accumulate several contaminants like leaves and twigs, disallowing water to flow through easily. Most homeowners in Northern Colorado should clean their gutters during the early spring and late fall when gutters not only have the most debris, but get the most use due before or after heavy precipitation seasons. You can perform gutter cleanings yourself with a gutter trowel and a water hose. However, we recommend you hire a professional to get the job done right. At Front Range Seamless Gutters, we offer gutter cleaning services to homeowners all year round.

gutter guards

Install Gutter Guards

To prevent leaves, branches, and twigs from blocking your gutter all the time, invest in quality gutter guards. These gutter guards will keep external debris out, allowing only water to naturally flow through your gutters without frequent clogs. Installing gutter guards doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t clean your gutters because smaller particles may seep through depending on the type of guards you install and the area you live in. For example, mud may accumulate if you live in a dusty area.

Downspout Extensions

To ensure a better home drainage system, look into downspout extensions. The usual splash blocks placed at the base of your downspouts can be displaced once in a while, especially by heavy water flows or unusually high winds. When they do this, water stagnates around your house foundation and could seep into the lower levels of your home. To prevent this displacement, use downspout extensions to extend the water further away from the house. Because these flexible tubes often extend to more than four feet, they prevent water from pooling around the house walls and foundations.

Gutter Repairs

Just as in regular cleaning, you should routinely check your gutters for signs of damage, particularly after the summer where hail is common in Colorado. Gutter repairs are vital to proper maintenance and could end up saving you great amounts of money by preventing significant home damage. If any part of your gutter system gets damaged or clogged, your home interior is at risk of being damaged by rainwater. Signs that your gutters might need repairs include:

  • Loose gutters
  • Peeling paint on the gutters
  • Sagging gutter sections
  • Cracks, holes, and gaps
  • Splitting parts
  • Signs of rust and corrosion around gutters

Gutters channel rainwater away from your house’s foundation, and when not taken care of, they become impaired, often causing water damage to your home. If you need gutter cleaning, maintenance, or repair services, contact us at Front Range Seamless Gutters. Here, we offer varieties of seamless and custom gutters to our clients. We also provide gutter and downspout installations as well as replacement services. Don’t wait for problems to arise — start maintaining your gutters today!