Questions You Should Ask Your Gutter Installation Company

Gutters are an important feature to have on your home, as they collect and reroute water away from the foundation of your home during a storm, which can help prevent problems in the future. However, like most features that are exposed to the elements, gutters don’t last forever, so you may find yourself looking to invest in new gutters.

That’s where Front Range Seamless Gutters in Northern Colorado can help! We offer a variety of gutter types, making it easy to find the right gutters for your home and your needs. Explore our website to learn more, and continue reading below to find the answers to questions most people ask their gutter installation company.

photo of man carrying new gutters to installWhat Are Seamless Gutters, and Why Should I Get Them?

Seamless gutters are a newer type of gutter that boasts a lack of seams. While these gutters may look very similar to gutters you’ve seen in the past, what makes them unique is that the only place you can see a seam is on the corner. This helps prevent leaking, allowing all of the water to be diverted away from your foundation.

photo of man installing new guttersWhat Size Gutter Should I Get?

Nowadays, most homes have five-inch gutters attached to the roof, which is a great choice. However, as the gutter industry progresses, we’re seeing more and more gutter installation companies switching to six-inch gutters, as they can help increase performance over time.

photo of man repair drainage spoutHow Do You Fasten the Gutters to the Home? Nails or Screws?

At Front Range Seamless Gutters, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality gutter installation so that you never have to worry about your gutters failing and water finding its way into your home. For this reason, when we install your gutters on your home, we use screws. While nails have been used in the past, we found that if the water collection in your gutters becomes too heavy, it can actually start to pull the nails out of the roof. Screws, however, are more reliable and don’t pull.

photo of new guttersWhat Types of Styles Are Available?

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous different styles of gutters to choose from, and the perfect type depends on your home and your needs. For example, at Front Range Seamless Gutters, the types of gutters we offer include:

  • 6″ K-Style Gutters, 26 Gauge
  • 7″ Box Gutter, 24 Gauge
  • Standard 5″ K Style Steel Gutter
  • RainPro Box Gutter
  • EZ Lock Leafguard
  • Curved Half-Round Steel Gutter

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for assistance!

At Front Range Seamless Gutters, we’re proud to serve the Northern Colorado area, and we are more than happy to provide you with high-quality gutters that will keep water from leaking into your home. Explore our website to see our products, and if you have any additional questions, reach out to our team today!