No homeowner wants to encounter a problem with their gutters. But, you also want to make sure that you catch any common problems before they get worse. At Front Range Seamless Gutters in Northern Colorado, we are ready to come and identify gutters that have problems in your home and offer our gutter repair services to ensure they work properly. Here are some common problems associated with gutters.

Person cleaning leaves out of their gutter

Loose Gutters

Gutters can become loose if there is an accumulation of weight from debris, water, or snow. This will pull your gutters away from your home, eventually causing the gutters to fall off your home, leaving you without a way to direct rainwater away from your home. This means that any signs of loose gutters should be addressed immediately.

broken gutter downspout

Damaged Downspouts

Downspouts ensure that the rainwater collected in the gutters is directed into drains instead of landing near the house. When downspouts are neglected, the rainwater may collect near the house’s foundation, causing the foundation to be damaged and can also result in flooding of the basement.

hail storm on the top of a roof

Hail Damage

When there is a hail storm, and your roof gets damaged, your gutters are likely to be damaged as well. The hail dents your gutters, causing leaks, water pooling, and damaged downspouts. This, in turn, affects how water is directed away from your home. When you inspect your gutters and notice any signs of hail damage, call a professional to do gutter repairs.

leaking gutter

Leaking Gutters

When gutters start to leak due to negligence, they can erode the underlying support and foundation of the roof below the leak. Gutters should be checked for leaks after a storm since it is difficult to spot the leaks on a clear sunny day. Leaking gutters lead to hardware failure, foundation erosion, and gutter corrosion. When you notice these damages, consult a professional to do the gutter repairs to them before it is too late.

Infographic identifying problems with gutters

Various problems come with neglecting gutters. Once those problems occur, they cause damage to the house and costly charges to replace them. Therefore, it is best to do regular maintenance of your gutters to avoid these problems. At Front Range Seamless Gutters in Northern Colorado, we offer services for repairing damaged gutters. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about gutter repairs and our other services.