You probably already know the importance that gutters play in protecting your home. When working properly, rain gutters channel precipitation safely away from your roof and the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, the Colorado weather conditions can take a toll on your home’s gutter system. When you have damaged gutters, their ability to direct water away from your home is compromised and the siding and foundation of your home are at risk of water damage. 

The good news is that catching problems in the early stages and receiving timely repairs can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in water damage and a protected, dry home. That is why, in this blog, we are going to share some of the common signs that indicate your need for professional gutter repair.


Branches, twigs, and other debris can puncture gutters, creating small leaks. Additionally, rust can also eat away certain areas of your gutter system and joints can loosen to also cause leaky gutters. Again, the purpose of gutters is to direct water away from your home, and leaks will eventually cause window and door frames to rot, exterior paint to peel, and pooling water near the foundation of your home. 

If you have leaky gutters, you should contact a gutter repair company to patch the leaks and ensure that your gutters are properly channeling rainwater to the downspouts.


Gutters are attached to gutter hangers, which are secured to the fascia boards at the base of the roof. When the hangers become loose or unfastened, the gutters will likely sag or dip. When your gutters are not properly positioned, water will likely flow down the side of your home rather than draining through the gutter system. Water also can pool in the centers of the gutters, making them sag even more.

If your gutters are sagging or bowing, then you need gutter repair immediately. A professional gutter contractor will be able to repair any loose or damaged hangers and replace any damaged fascia boards to keep your gutters working efficiently.


As mentioned, pooling water near your home is a problem that should be handled with urgency. In addition to foundation damage, pooling water can lead to basement flooding and mold growth. If you notice pools of water near the foundation of your home, it is likely that your gutters are not properly draining water away from your home, which means it’s time to contact a professional for gutter repair services. 


If you notice water damage on the side of your home, it is likely that your gutters are damaged and require repair. When gutters have cracks or splits, the leaking water will run down the side of your home. With enough exposure, water can cause the exterior paint to peel or stain the siding. In order to prevent further damage to your home’s exterior, you should contact a professional gutter company. 


If notice any of the signs above with your gutter system, chances are you could benefit from gutter repair. If you are in need of gutter services, get started by scheduling an inspection with the gutter contractors at Front Range Seamless Gutters!