If you are a homeowner, you likely have some understanding of the basics of a roof’s structure. However, even with that understanding, the terms soffits and fascia boards may be ones you aren’t quite familiar with. While shingles and roofing materials often take the center stage regarding roof repair,  the fascia boards and soffit become quite relevant when it comes to gutter installation and repair. These two elements are very important for both the livability and structural integrity of your home, and when damaged, they can lead to costly damages.

The experts at your Top Rated Local® Colorado gutter company, Front Range Seamless Gutters, are here to discuss the purpose of soffits and fascia board, the causes of damage, and why there is a cause for concern!

The Purpose of Soffit And Fascia

A lot of homeowners assume that soffit and fascia boards primarily provide a finished and neat look to the edges of their roof. While this is certainly true, the two components serve other essential purposes as well. The purpose of soffit is to prevent water and humid air from rotting out the edge and rafters of your roof. Without a soffit, your home would be more susceptible to rot and mold in the sheathing and rafters. Fascia board, on the other hand, is regularly exposed to rain and moisture. It is also responsible for keeping pests from accessing the space between the rafters and heading right into the roof. Essentially, the fascia is a line of defense meant to protect the edge of your roof. While they have the main duty of protecting the livability and structural integrity of your home, they also play a role in keeping your home energy efficient by limiting the loss of heated or cooled air through the edges of the roof.

To summarize, soffit and fascia boards are important because:

  • They are your roof’s first line of defense against wind and rain
  • They help eliminate the risk of structural damage
  • They offer structural support for your gutter system
  • They protect your home from water damage and wood rot
  • They improve ventilation throughout your home
  • They create a barrier to keep moisture out
  • They help keep pests out
  • They add an appealing finishing touch to your home

How Does Soffit and Fascia Board Damage Happen?

Just like your roofing, both soffit and fascia board can become damage from severe weather conditions, old age, and many other reasons. Homes that have wood soffits and fascia are at risk of wet and dry rot and crumbling boards due to extensive exposure to water and sun. Additionally, pests like squirrels with a reputation for chewing and gnawing can also cause damage to these two elements. While vinyl soffits can help reduce these damages, the material can still become cracked due to physical damage, like severe hail, or the endless heating and cooling cycles of outdoor exposure.

Why Is This An Issue?

Since soffit and fascia play such an essential role in keeping moisture and pests out, any sort of damage can lead to mold, rot, and pest infestations. Roofing issues, such as missing fascia board, have surprised many homeowners with costly structural problems, so it is important to address any damage immediately. Catching damage and other issues early can save you a to of money down the line. 

Because soffit and fascia boards are vital in protecting your home, it is important to have them inspected for damage regularly. If you suspect that your soffit and fascia board may be damaged, you need a professional you can trust for the services you need, and that is Front Range Seamless Gutters. 

Choose FRSG For Soffit And Fascia Repair

If you suspect that your fascia or soffits are damaged, potentially putting the structural integrity and liveability of your home at risk, don’t delay — contact the experts at Front Range Seamless Gutters. Our team will carefully inspect the exterior of your home to look for any concerning signs of damage. Depending on the problem, our experienced contractors can make prompt repairs or perform a complete replacement to ensure that your home stays safe, comfortable, and dry. If you are interested in an estimate or learning more information about soffit and fascia board replacement, contact Front Range Seamless Gutters today!